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20 May 2025 @ 12:37 pm
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30 March 2013 @ 08:27 pm
                                                                                                                                          credit to hiro-mitsu

Hello! (⌒▽⌒)☆ It's been 7 months since my last update on this journal, and to be honest it's also been 7 months since I last checked in on this blackhole fandom. I actually thought that finally I'm getting out, but sadly I'm still here and I still can't get enough of these shiny glittery idols~ (╥﹏╥)

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28 August 2012 @ 09:25 am
It's been...i don't even how many months/weeks since I last posted a public entry so...

Belated Happy 5th year in the JE fandom to me!!! 
                                                                                                                                                           credit to fujikita
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03 March 2012 @ 10:35 am

Silly Love Songs「Steph's wedding mix」
LOL yes, I just made a wedding mix for myself ^^; No, I'm not getting married...yet haha XD Me and jem_aime basically talked about our dream weddings earlier and we ended up discussing the songs we wanted to be played. Like during the wedding march, the first dance, etc. We decided to share the songs we liked to each other, and since we're at it, why not share with everyone? :) Enjoy♥

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btw, comments are always ♥
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18 January 2012 @ 01:34 pm
2 Seconds Too Late 『The Fujishiro Shu mix』

As requested by jem_aime who wanted a Fujishiro Shu inspired playlist :) For those who don't know who this guy is, he's part of the fictional band called A.N.Jell in the drama Ikemen desu ne. Basically Shu's character is the martyr-you're-my-brother type who doesn't get the girl in the end. Think Hanazawa Rui in the drama HanaDan :) Honestly, I prefer his character over Katsuragi Ren (the male lead who gets the girl in the end). Anyhoo~ here's for you jem_aime coco!♥

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Enjoy and comments are ♥

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10 December 2011 @ 02:14 am

A.B.C-Z IS DEBUTING NEXT YEAR!!!!!!! \(^0^)/

Ok. I was supposed to go to bed because I need to do some school shit early tomorrow BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I CAN'T EVEN RIGHT NOW OMG. I'M SO HAPPY FOR THEM TT^TT If kisumai's was long overdue...WHAT MORE TO A.B.C.-Z?????

Correct me if I'm wrong but they've been around a bit longer than kisumai. It was a long wait guys but you did it!!!! おめでとう〜!
I'm so happy. I'm at a loss for words right now and all I can keep saying is I'm so happy TT^TT

To Tottsu, Tsuka-chan, Hashii, Fumikyun, and Goseki.... おめでとう〜!!!

you know what this means....BYE BYE SALARYYYY DDD: With Kisumai being on faayaa and now with A.B.C.-Z's debut, no more money DDDD:
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23 November 2011 @ 02:02 am
[04] Kitayama Hiromitsu
[04] Tamamori Yuta
[03] Fujigaya Taisuke
[01] Senga Kento
[01] Nikaido Takashi
[01] Miyata Toshiya
[01] Yokoo Wattaru
[01] HiroSuke
[01] Nikaido/Senga


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13 March 2011 @ 04:39 pm

The Tsunami and Quake in Japan is jusy horrendous. There are no words for it really. Spent my free time while in Cebu watching CNN about updates. I have friends who live in Hokkaido and I'm relieved they've contacted us and they're safe. I just hope the same for everybody.

There was one clip I saw in CNN was that made me cry. It was of a rescuer arriving in a safety shelter in Sendai. When he and the media crew arrived, a young mother ran towards him crying. The rescuer asked her if she and her family was alright. The young mother responded by hugging the rescuer and she continued crying while telling him "大丈夫です!ありがとうございます!" (translation: We're alright! Thank you so much!)

Another story that struck me most was that of the personnel in the Fukushima power plant. One of them sent a mail to their friend saying: "We may die, but we will prevent a meltdown." There was also a report of a school's gym collapsing trapping students who were attending their high school graduation that day. The supply of food and other basic necessities are decreasing as well.

I pray for the safety for everyone affected by the tsunami and quake. May you all have the courage, strength, and faith to get through this horrible disaster. 


PS - Guys, if you can, please donate to the Red Cross to send aid for Japan. visit this site: www.redcross.org/ for more details on how you can help :)

PSS - Globe Subscribers can also donate to the Red Cross by texting RED <amount> to 2899. The amount can be 5, 25, 100, 300, 500 or 1000 PHP
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06 March 2011 @ 12:47 pm
 HOLA CHICAS! ^____^v
ooaquamarineoo is back from the deep depths of johnny's hell and is back in business >:)

As some of you know, I've left the fandom indefinitely due to Jin's departure from KAT-TUN or KUNTT as some members of our little community like to call them  but after some soul searching (in this case immersing myself in new fandoms) I'm back again with the realization that I will always lose when it comes to JE, KAT-TUN, and/or Jin. 

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So here's to my 4 years in this unbelievably cray and glittery JE Fandom :3 CHEERS!
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It has been months since my last entry and my reason for that is that tumblr and twitter ruined my LJ career ^^; gomenasai LJ >___> anyway, back to business...my reason for updating is because it's this guy's birthday today

yes, Jin, my ichiban that i haven't seen for months now since he's over there in LA and news and pictures of him are, well, scarce so I've neglected him for sometime now. I haven't been paying attention to KAT-TUN either and no not because Jin is not there, it's just that I don't feel them that much anymore, you know with the image changes and all >___>. Anyway, as compared to last year this day was such a huge deal for me. well, it stil is but not as much as compared last year and no i didn't give Jin up for Nino or Sho >___> to be honest, I even contemplated at one point that maybe KAT-TUN wasn't my ichiban anymore and maybe Jin wasn't either. Anyway back to my story, so today going around tumblr and twitter loads of people greeted him and well started spamming and all that. It was okay but then it was kind of annoying, idk why but it kinda did. I kept skipping through all the greetings and the pictures and well went on.

it was then that i realized that no matter how much i complain that there's too much jin well everywhere and i kept ignoring all the pictures or stories, i can't help but smile whenever i see each story and picture of him smiling, laughing, being dorky, and well just being the jinjin we know and love :3 Happy birthday to you dork♥ May there be many more years ahead of you and i wish you all best in whatever crazy thing you do next :D Gambatte ne~ and yes, I haven't given up and forgetten you yet ;) So keep doing what you're doing and we'll support you 8D And we'll be right here waiting for you when you come back :D Happy Birthday Jin♥

oh and sorry for the no birthday banner this year D: My photoshop is broken D:

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